PLASTIC MITIGATION: The Worldwide Effort



Plastic pollution is a serious and worldwide issue. Current approaches to the problem are scattered, and they can only have a short-term impact on plastics discharge into the environment. More than a hundred nations have urged for the UN Environment Program to develop a worldwide accord on plastics (UNEP). Combating plastic pollution needs adjustments in production, commerce, and consumption. Prioritizing political and regulatory initiatives requires a clear focus and set of measures from the international community. Target hazardous plastic trash first, then single-use plastics, and last poisonous, non-recyclable plastics. Some of the Basel Plastic Waste Amendments attempt to improve trade regulation. Also, national trade and manufacturing rules are phasing out single-use plastic, especially in tiny island developing states (SIDS). Aside from initiatives to encourage reuse, reduction, and replacement, waste management should be prioritized, especially in developing nations with inadequate material recovery and recycling capacity. More nations are pressing for a new global accord on plastic pollution, hoping to get a new UN Environment Assembly mandate. A UN deal on plastic pollution might spur coordinated and larger national action, aided by global trade initiatives.

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